Tea of the Day: Vanilla Rooibos

Garden Thoughts: de-weeded my garden this morning. Silly chickweed – it’s tasty, but it spreads so bad! My entire garden was a carpet of chickweed. Fixed it up though! Fava beans are growing really well, and the string beans aren’t doing badly – growing a bit slow. About half my peas have sprouted, but I think it’s been too cold for my carrots. Going to buy another pack of seeds and re-till and replant. I want carrots, damn it.


Herby Things as of Late: I got a bit busy getting ready to head out to the field, so I completely forgot to blog about it, but the other day, after I picked arnica in the pouring rain, I started two sets of infusions. I did a stove-top infusion right away, and I started a second batch of sun-infused arnica, which is still happily infusing away, as is my dandelion oil (which I think is in its third week now…but I was silly, and forgot to write it down, so I’m not 100% about that). The stove-top oil I turned into an ointment the other day, and I’m going to be taking a jar to work with me. Hope it works! I bump and bruise and strain my self all the time at work. I’ll blog about the recipe when I get a chance – hopefully before Thursday!

Prayer of the Day: please don’t let me go crazy.




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