Tea of the Day: Tazo Calm chamomile tea (the only one in camp that doesn’t taste like ass, really)

Thoughts of the Day:

  • I’m in bed sick with nausea today. I went to the medic and snagged some gravol this morning, and have been chewing ginger gravol all day. I spent most of this morning sleeping, and I managed to hold down fluids and a dinner of mashed potatoes and toast, so that’s something. I must have just caught a bug from someone here at work.
  • Apparently I missed a bear sighting today – someone left food in one of the ATV’s and a black bear tore the seat and the basket to shreds. Lesson: don’t leave food out in bear country!
  • Posts have been slower because I’m at work now. I work in a geology exploration camp, and I’m supposed to be pretty hush about things, so I can’t tell you where I work, or who I work for, or what we’re doing here. But I can tell you that I spend every day out in the thick forests and swamps, and that it’s been raining a lot, and it’s nice to be dry at the end of the day.
  • Only a few more days until my rotation is over and I get to go to Ontario! I’m excited about this, and it makes the days slower. Go faster, days!
  • All my pretty morels I picked (with the help of some co-workers) in the last post have molded, and I had to throw them out. This makes me sad. I wanted the kitchen staff to cook them for us, but it’s against regulation, so I started drying them in my room. It was going great, until two days ago, when it rained for 24 hours straight, and the humidity in my room increased. I woke up to a smelly room, allergies, and moldy soft morels. Sad pandas all around – we were going to share them once they dried out.

Blog Posts I’ve been digging lately: Well, lately is a bit relative. I’ve been working 10-11 hours a day lately, and until yesterday night, our internet didn’t work at all. I tethered my phone (we have 3G here, what?!) just to send off a few emails to friends the other night. So, internet gods, wherever you are, thank you! And anyways, since I’ve been sick today, I had a chance to catch up on my bloggy reading.

  • A thoughtful post about self hatred, which is probably something I needed to read. I really resonated with the first two sentences of this paragraph:

It is not that I am a terrible person, or that I have some unseen flaw that would alienate everyone if they knew. Instead, I am living a human existence full of pain, pleasure, joy, longing, sadness, loss, and the whole range of lived experience. Things arise and they fall away. We meet and are met, or we are not met and we must let go. Either way, none of it is permanent, and we don’t get any other chances in this form. I have had too many flutters of growth these past months to let myself retreat into darkness again. No, instead, I am choosing to embrace joy, fully and wholeheartedly. I find it in the twitter of birds when I am waking, the new leaves growing taller each day as the spring turns toward summer, the slight touch of skin on skin, the beauty of a simple meal, flowers left on the doorstep by a friend, the brilliance of the sky after the rain. Of course, there are wilder forms of joy that I hope to embrace too, but until those come, I’m learning to be with these small moments of possibility and connection.

…and a fox. She lives outside camp – we suspect she’s the pup of the camp fox last year. It’s a bit sad, really. She’s on the thin side, and hurt her paw the other day. I’m not sure she knows how to hunt for herself properly. She relies on us feeding her (which we are not allowed to do, for obvious reasons). I hope she makes it. Oh! And she has a name – we call her Orange Juice!



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