I’m a girl.

I’m a girl with too many interests.  Photography, cycling, traveling, archery, sharp-shooting, foraging for berries, drawing, painting, reading, browsing Reddit.  They come and they go.  Sometimes I go a really long time without doing one, and then sometimes I’m obsessed by others.

I need a place to share those things.  This isn’t your typical ‘blog’.  I’m not going to tell you how my day went, how many hours I worked, or how my cat is doing.  What I will do, however, is show you how to brew alcohol, tell you why one particular herb is better than another, write you prose and poesy, draw for you, share with you my laughter (but not my tears), and entertain you and teach you about all the things that I entertain and teach myself.

I’m that girl, and this is one of my places on the internet.

Want to find me other places?


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